January 23, 2006

2:01 AM
And the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the SUPER BOWL!!! And why is this big news to me? Because ANTI FLAG are from Pittsburgh and are going crazy. The time difference in Hannover Germany had the game starting at 9:30 PM over here. The bar next door had the game on Satelite TV and though they had a show to play, they were dying to watch the game. I've never seen them play so fast and furious. Their goal was to be done by 11:00 PM, so they could watch the second half. We made signs to keep them up on the score. First it was 3-0, then 10-0, then 10-3, then 17-3, and then finally 24-3 by half time. I've never seen the band smile so big during one of their shows. Good job boys!! The Steelers won because of the hometown love all the way across the globe.
Peace, mike park