January 21, 2006

2:37 AM
Have you seen a Southwest Airlines commercial that shows a band say something like "HELLO PHILADELPHIA".. and then the bass player says "DUDE, that was yesterday!!". And then SOUTHWEST says "WANT TO TAKE A BREAK?".. Well, welcome to the club MIKE PARK!! "It's fun to be in Germany". But I was in Knocke-Heist, Belgium. DOH!! DOUBLE DOH!! DOH! DOH! DOH!..... I corrected myself quickly, but it was too late. Everyone knew the blunder I made. WOW. Just another addition to my diary. At least I can say I've done it right?

After playing my set, I was a bit bummed with my stupidity. I laid down in my bunk and then the next thing you know I'm fast asleep. I slept through the rest of the show and woke up about two hours later. My stuff was still in the club, so I ran in and got my guitar, merchandise, etc.. There was an after party at the club, so it was still packed when I went inside. They were playing some techno beats and people were jumping about. I like to dance, so I moved my ass a bit, but only about 2 minutes and then back on the bus for the duration of my sleepless night. HELLO!! GOODBYE!! I think I was out by 8 AM. ZZZZZZZZZ
Peace, mike park