January 22, 2006

5:13 PM
I'm back in Germany for the final two shows of the tour. And today is friggin beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky, but damn....It's so cold. Totally misleading. I just want to tear off my shirt and run through the park with a frisbee in hand, but impossible. Instead, four layers of clothing, scarf, gloves, and a hoodie covering my head and face. I tried my best walking around the city, but only lasted an hour or so. Not too much to see. Where are the old buildings in Hannover? Nowhere....At least not where we are located. Since it's Sunday most shops are closed(the exception of internet cafes, pizza, and donner kebab restaurants).

Yesterday, was Rotterdam, Holland. My first time to the city. I woke up late of course, but had enough sunshine to get my face wet and walk a bit. The club was situated on the waterfront. The bus was parked three feet from the edge of the pier. Kind of scary, but a beautiful view from the bus. There was a flea market right above the club on the street level. Frollicking(Spelling?) about I walked my way through with the various vendors yelling to get peoples attention and then eventually
made it to the city street. Huge shopping district as I walked through wondering if anything would catch my attention. But of course nothing. Tried to think of stuff to buy for Monica, but nothing sparked. Chris #2 from Anti Flag buys clothing for his wife. Geeeez, I would never ever do that. I'm sure I'd buy the worst stuff.
He says they are almost the same size, so he can try on clothing to see if it will fit her. DAMN!! I cannot do that.

I like Rotterdam. Similiar to Amsterdam in the bicycling department. I'm always partial to a bicycle friendly city. Nice big bike lanes, where everyone from young to old seem to rely on bikes to get themselves around. And there's a lot more ethnic diversity here. Lots of Asian people, which has been a rarity unless I walked by the local CHINESE RESTAURANT. Later in the afternoon, Alex, myself, and a few others were led to the center of town, which houses a skate park. The place was empty and Alex had the whole place to his own. I don't think I saw him smile bigger on this tour. His friend filmed him do some tricks and I could only daydream of past years where I too would be participating. But alas, I am no longer so youthful and cannot imagine the pain of falling these days. Or maybe I was never able to skate like that in the first place. Ummmmm. yeah..

Back to the club, we played another sold out show. It was a small 400 capacity club, but it seemed to make things a little more intimate. I finally took photos of the bands playing, so hopefully those came out good. The club was having a late night dance/dj event after the show, so we had to get packed up quickly. I peered through the stage curtains to watch the dancers. I like being invisible. They can't see me, but I can see them. How fun. We tried to watch movies, but our selections of DARK BLUE and a Noodling documentary went astray. And then my nightly routine of staying up late continued. 6:30 AM this time. FUN FUN. I did manage to get up around 1:45 PM, so not as bad as before. Let's see. Justin, Myself, and Neil were all up at 6AM. We've given up. Sleep is a curse on this tour. Be well. Peace, mike