January 18, 2006

5: 19 PM
Hello Switzerland, Goodbye Vienna! My first time in Vienna and I saw nothing. I think I woke up at 4:30 PM. Sat on the bus for another hour in disbelief that the day was gone. Snow covered the roads and I could only think "Geeez, it's cold outside and warm in here". We played at a placed called the ARENA. It was huge. 1,300 people to be exact. Sold out show and tons of energy. There was a Swedish band called the ACCIDENTS that were also on the show. I played first out of four, which I didn't mind. I love going on first to be totally honest. The club was some sort of collective. I believe they also receive funding from the government. They had remodeled part of the club that we were playing and it made for a nice and clean experience. The backstage had brand new showers, which I sat cross legged in for a good 10 minutes while draining the hottest water I could take upon my head.

I took some pictures in desperation as I thought "DAMN, no photos I have taken so far". So I took some random pics of grafitti, the emptied club, and tall buildings that surrounded us. Ahhh...productivity at its finest.
Mike Park