January 20, 2006

5:54 AM
I didn't take a nap and it seemed to pay off. At around 2:40 AM I crashed hard, woke up to use the restroom, and here I am lying face first in my bed wondering what went wrong? The bus is quiet. Not one person is awake but yours truly. UGGH!!

I woke up at around 3:50 PM. Layered up and headed outside. GOOD CLEAN FUN was outside and told me of an internet cafe that was just a block away. I headed over there, but couldn't figure out how to get inside? The doors were locked and then I tried a side door, but it led to a bar? I went back outside, did a loop around the building, went back in the bar and saw that indeed the internet cafe was attached in the back room. The bar reminded me of an old VETS HALL that have a bar. Do you know what I'm talking about. And the clientele are old men reminiscing of yesteryear. Anyways, the computer was coin operated. I checked email and got out of there. No wireless again. Wonder if I'll ever get these blogs posted before leaving Europe?

Back to the bus, I tried organizing my stuff. Ahhhh... My camera, haven't used that much this trip. Why is it that I keep forgetting to take pictures. Perhaps I can get everyone on tour to share their photos with me and in turn, I will share them with you.

Did I mention I am the oldest person on this tour. At 36, I surpass ISSA from GOOD CLEAN FUN by three years. WINNER!! Anyways, I went inside to eat dinner.
On the menu:
FRIES/TATER TOTS(Or some form of)
Not bad... In fact better than a lot of the meals we've had on this tour. But looking back and comparing the feasts on the ALKALINE TRIO tour gives me the chills just thinking how good I had it. And why am I so lucky to experience this excitement. No complaining here from what I've eaten in Europe. I don't want you to think that. I'm just reflecting on a recent past.

I'm so tired of selling merchandise. Alex from ANTI FLAG is now selling my stuff. I have agreed to pay him 10% of the earnings and it's worth it. Though I would sell more if I was the one doing the selling, I just can't handle the second hand smoke. It burns the eyes and I just want so badly to exit the building. This sucks for many reasons. I have been missing out on the music and unable to meet new people. But the tradeoff is worth it. COUGH COUGH...

The show was ok. I broke an A string at the end of the first song. The problem is, I couldn't change guitars because I play the first four songs to a video presentation and the timing won't allow me to stop. So I sucked it up and played the songs on one string. The E string. How I managed, I'm not quite sure, but I made it through unscathed. Swapping guitars to an electric, I cut my short set with just two more songs and it was over. Barely over 10 minutes and off I went to get out of the smoke filled club. On my way out a young man said "WHITE POWER" "WHITE POWER". Are you fucking kidding me?? I looked at him and said "RACIST?" My brow smushed together. Was I getting what he said?? Did he mean to empower his racist views or what the??? It bothered me as I left the building and trotted back on the bus. I realize the history of this country, but I know most people are progressive liberals who have moved on to promote and support anti-racist ideas. One step forward, two steps back I guess.

I reclined in the rear of the bus listening to music. Going through Chris #2's IPOD, I listened to TOYS THAT KILL and nodded my head in agreement that this band should be much bigger than they are. I made myself some granola cereal and waited for the show to finish. I could hear the band playing through the open side door of the club. About twenty minutes after the show finished, I went back inside to pack up my stuff. Made small talk with the bands and then helped Alex with his stuff. Bus call was 2 AM, so we only had an hour left to take showers. Again, a strange hotel that had BATES written all over it, but the insides were a lot better than the exteriior. The bed even had a control to recline to different positions. FUN!! Too bad we weren't staying there.

A few games of sudoku and then bed. Again, I fell asleep so quickly. Why can't I go back to sleep?? I think I'll watch a movie now. Be well my friends. Be well.
Peace and Unity,
Mike Park