January 17, 2006

4:57 PM
Ahhhhhh.......This is horrible. I just woke up a half hour ago. My day is wasted, but what could I do?? Lying awake all hours of the night puts you into these situations. Waking up at 7 AM yesterday morning, I walked 5 hours through freezing PRAGUE. The buildings were beautiful, the cathedral unbelievable, and we even saw the changing of the guards at the Castle. What fun. But the cold. How do people survive in this minus 11 centigrade weather. It's insane!! But the tourists were out in full force. Lots of Japanese milling about in large groups. I wanted to say hello, but my Japanese sucks.

We ran into GOOD CLEAN FUN on our walk. They told us of a good vegan restaurant, so we headed on over there. Can't remember the name of the place, but it was packed. A cafeteria-esque experience as we waited in line with tray in hand. I packed a salad, along with Lentil soup, lasagna, and some Tofu something. All for only 120 Kroners. I liked the food, but I screwed up and put soy sauce on my salad thinking it was basalmic vinegar. The dessert was flavorless. Everyone who got some ended up throwing their food out.

My goal was to stay up til' bedtime and get on some kind of normal schedule. Our group of 8 dwindled down to 6 and then I finally found myself alone walking through a nearby mall. Nothing good, but I knew I had to keep walking if I wanted to stay awake. But I decided on going back to the hotel just to relax. Unfortunately I got lost and ended up walking another 40 minutes the wrong direction and probably would have never found the hotel if I didn't run into our driver. He put me on the right path which was exactly 3 blocks from the mall. DOH!!

And of course I fell asleep. In fact it was the best sleep of the entire tour. I passed out for a good 3 hours. My roomate Neil followed suit and the next thing you know, we are both asleep til' 9 PM. The hotel had a bowling alley downstairs so we headed down to meet with others and ended up playing fooseball til' they kicked us out at 1 AM. 1 AM and wide awake. We went looking for food, but no luck. We couldn't brave the cold, so we headed back to our rooms and played sudocu whilst flipping through non-English speaking Television. Lucky us, we actually went to the supermarket earlier in the day and got some rolls, brie cheese, and chocolate ice cream. Simple foods never tasted so good. The clock kept ticking and so did we. 2 AM, 3 AM, 4 AM, 5 AM, 6 AM.....and at 6:30 AM, we finally fell asleep. I managed 40 minutes of rest and then headed downstairs. Bus call was 8 AM, so I hurried towards the free breakfast and gobbled up some bland foods. I was not awake for more than 5 minutes when I was gulping down yogurt and juice. Half of our crew was already eating. I could feel my blood shot eyes heavy with sleep deprivation eagerly awaiting the arrival of our bus, so I could once again feel what it's like to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,,
Mike Park