January 15, 2006

5:29 PM
When an elderly woman carrying groceries passes you, then you know you are a slow walker. I spent a good part of the day walking through Leitzeg, Germany. After my stint at the internet cafe, I looked, I looked right and went towards whatever looked better. In this case it was left. One right turn later and I was walking farther than I've ever walked before. Each goal I set for myself ended with this thought: "WHAT ABOUT OVER THERE!!". And so I kept walking until I was at least 6 miles from the venue. I had found the shopping district of Leitzeg, where they have a multi plex movie theater and shops upon shops.

I had walked so far that I didn't know if I could make it back. Worst case scenario, take a cab. But that's no fun. I found a public restroom and sat on the toilet for awhile. More to rest than anything. I took off three layers of clothing and just sat there. Why not? Is it a strange thing to do? I wrapped back up and headed back to home base stopping once to fuel up on some food.

The walk back isn't quite as exciting. You see the same buildings, which actually is a boost. You think to yourself "I know that building". But that's the extent of the excitement. And this being an incredible distance had me saying that a lot. But alas, I made it back to the venue. The place was called Conne Island. It's a youth center that has an outdoor skateboard park. But the winter snow and ice covered most of it. It was an inspiring place that gave me visions of what I wish I could do with PLEA FOR PEACE. There were two buildings. One housed the club and the other housed the office, kitchen, back stage area, and even a small pub. They told me they got funding from the government. Nice... I wonder if I'll ever get funding for our place. ANYWAYS.....

A fantastic show for everyone. I sell over 20 cd's and meet many wonderful people. It's always fun to see the faces of punk rockers with mohawks musing over the only ASIAN in the entire building. And he is the talent for the night, playing just an acoustic guitar. But in the end, we all go home happy.

After the show, Neil(AF DRUM TECH) and I head out looking for some food. We make a pact that we wouldn't return until we find something. But after 30 minutes, we just give up. There's nothing open. But Neil, says let's go til' the next light, and damn......A DONNER KEBAB place is open. It's 2:55 AM at this point and we can't believe it. We enter and order FALAFEL and FRIES. YEAH!! As soon as we finish ordering they turn off the lights. We luck out as we are the last customers for the evening. The food was better than one can imagine. Nothing like late night food right before you go to sleep.

Back to the bus, I had to use the restroom, but unfortunately our toilet doesn't allow #2, so I went outside to do what I had to do. Alex even joined me. Nothing like rellieving yourself whilst freezing. I didn't end up falling asleep til' 8 AM. In fact, most everyone stayed up almost all night. It was strange. Nobody in ANTI FLAG drinks, so it's a pretty calm party atmosphere. Everyone just gets along and enjoys good conversation. I've also been playing a game called SUDOCU. Did I spell that right? It's a numbers game. Yeah, I'm a geek and it keeps me up late.

But yeah, I've only been up for about an hour. Strange to go through a day without seeing sunlight. DOH!! So now I'm in Prague. In normal circumstances I'd be furious at myself for not seeing the city, but we have the day off tomorrow, so all is good.
Mike Park