January 16, 2006

7:12 AM
It feels far removed when you are in Prague of all places on this important day in American history. So those of you who are celebrating with a peace march in your city, I salute you and wish I too could be with you.

My dear friends, it looks awfully cold outside. But in about 2 hours, we will face the elements and trek bravely towards the city castle and the cathedral that sits afar. I managed about 4.5 hours of sleep. There's free breakfast in the hotel restaurant, so I'll head out for that in a bit.

Great show last night. It was the first time ANTI FLAG had been to PRAGUE and they sold out a good sized venue of about 700 people. People are crazy for them in Europe. Good for them, they deserve it.

The currency has changed and now everything is in KRONERS. About 27 Kroners to the US Dollar. Do a bit of quick math to figure out what I'm buying/selling, etc.. It's fun. The promoters took us out to dinner last night. For some reason they seemed offended if we all didn't go together, but trying to get 20 people to go at the same time is impossible. Especially when half of the band is desperately trying to find a bar that is playing American football. Since their hometown STEELERS were in the playoffs. Anyways, they seemed annoyed that we weren't going as a group. I just kept my mouth shut except to eat.

The band I toured with just a few months ago(SUNSHINE) came to the show. It's nice to make friends around the world. We didn't see much of each other, but it's nice of them to make the effort to come to the show. Well, I better get ready to go. Breakfast awaits and then PRAGUE....
Peace, mike