January 10, 2006

4:45 PM
I'm about 2 hours into my flight to Germany. I arrived at SFO at 10:30 AM(4 hours before my flight). The reason? To try and get a seat in an exit row. And yes, I got one. 35H is my seat number and though the width barely fits my girth, the leg room can't be beat. I feel like I'm in first class. I'm flying on UNITED, though I bought my ticket on the LUFTHUNSA website and my flight number was LH9830, not UA900 which I've somehow mysteriously appeared on. Make sense??

My sister took me to the airport and I went to the LUFTHUNSA check in, but the marquee said to go to UNITED and then I stood in line for 43 minutes. Grinding my teeth I wondered why there were only 4 employees checking in a line of 100 people. Damn, I thought for sure my exit seat was gone. But it all worked out. The captain has told us that the weather in Frankfurt is not so pleasant. -3 degrees centigrade. OUCH. Plus scattered clouds. Get ready!! Bundle up and face the cold. Can't wait.

Why is it that I stress out so much before I leave for any kind of trip. I guess weekend trips I'm fine with, but anytime I leave for more than a week, I start to panic. As if something will surely go wrong now that I'm out of town. Stupid stress. Argghhh...makes me angry for getting so bent out of shape. At least I had a few productive days at work. To be honest, I'm really unmotivated by the music business. So many young people have this illusion that the music business is all that want to be a part of, but it's such a corrupt business. Managers, agents, record labels. They're all the same. Driven by greed and a mentality of what can you do for me...you pat my back, I'll pat yours. Name dropping, crapola. It sucks. The view coming from my angle is an interesting one. Somehow I've managed to carve a niche without the bullshit. Maybe it's because I've been doing it so long and have truly developed friendships that are long lasting. Who knows? But I do feel lucky and blessed beyond belief that this is my job. To travel to Europe and play music for two weeks. Damn, thank you Jesus!!!!!

I'm contemplating getting a job when I move to San Francisco. I'm only going to commute back to the South Bay a few times a week and perhaps a job in the city would be challenging. Perhaps I'll get a job at a McDonalds and write about it. Monica suggested I get a job at every fast food restaurant for a month at a time and that would give me a wonderful array of stories to share. Unlikely it will happen, but you never know.

Monica lives on the corner of HYDE and CLAY in the NOB HILL area of SF. What a beautiful city. My favorite big city in the entire US of A. The only problem is the lack of parking. It's a bitch my friends!! I see myself riding my bike 20 miles to the train station in San Jose, taking public transportation to the SF and then riding it home. I'll get in better shape and the stress of the city traffic will be alleviated. As long as the weather holds up, I should be fine. But it's so cold...It's easy to get lazy. Hmmmm... We'll see.

2 days ago, I went to the YMCA to play basketball and this one guy punched another guy in the face. Knocked the guy out. What the?? Why does basketball breed such idiots. I've seen so much violence over the years. It's silly. In fact, I'm as guilty as anyone else. My temper flares on the court. But it's because someone else starts it. It's just a game and there I was seeing this guy lying face first on the floor. Blood pouring from temple as he shook in convulsions. An ambulance came quickly, followed by the police. What happened? There was no argument that I was aware of. We had just started playing not more than 10 minutes. The sight of seeing a guy get hit that hard just 10 feet away is insane. It's been replaying over and over in my head. I wonder what happened to the guy? Did he go to jail? And the guy that got hit....Is he ok? Ugghhh...

Note to self:Never use violence no matter what the circumstances are. Walk away. Only 8 hours remaining on this flight. No personal TV screens and a horrible selection of in flight movies has me bummed. The only movie I'm excited for is WALLACE AND GROMIT. It's supposed to be up next, but I don't know when that is. After that, they're playing older movies like BACK TO THE FUTURE(which is good) and LIAR LIAR, but I want new movies. These long flights are my opportunity to watch the new hollywood blockbusters that I'd never pay to watch. Oh well. I'm gonna give this a rest. Maybe I'll write more later. Be well.
Peace, mike park