January 14, 2006

11:36 AM
Hello Germany!! I like it here. If only I could speak the language I wouldn't feel like such a dumb American. But people have been forgiving and luckily everyone seems to speak a bit of English.

My bed on the bus is about 4 inches to short. I cant fullz stretch out. Oh, by the way I'm at an internet cafe and the keyboard is different again so forgive the mistakes. I just noticed I spelled fully with a zzzzz up top.

Waking up early has its advantages. Very productive yesterday morning, getting all my work done before 9 am. Everyone was still asleep on the bus, so I went for a long walk. A journey that took me east, west, south, and north of where the bus was located. Berlin is a cool city. There is no starbucks and no mcdonalds. The people wouldnt allow such a thing to take over. Locals told me that people would protest if there was ever an attempt to build one in their city. Awesome!! I thought "why cant American cities stand up like that". Berlin has a cultural energy like most bigger cities. But all the mom and pop shops make it that much better. It's a fun walk. Lots to see.

At 11 AM, I head back to the bus, but again everyone is still sleeping. Damn I thought. Ive alreadz been up for over 4 hours. So I trek out again looking to use a restroom. For some reason I have a phobia about using a restroom in an establishment without buying something. I looked around for a public restroom, but no luck and after procrastinating for long enough I couldn't hold out any more and went into a cafe. It was busy inside. I stood in line to buy something when I saw the restroom sign and went for it. And then whilst sitting there thinking to myself, I decided not to buy anything since I dont even drink coffee. And that was it.. Pretty silly eh?

Oh by the way I also went into a bakery to buy some food, but got scared cause there were no prices and I didnt want to ask because well..... i am strange.

back to the bus, everyone is still asleep. geeezzzz.. the club is supposed to be open, but I cant figure out where the entrance is. or at least where i thought the entrance was, nobody was answering the door bell. Finally Alex is up, so I have somebody to talk too. That's when we see Kai, the booking agent for the tour and he lets us in to the club. He tells us that they are taking us out to Italian food at the best restaurant in town. YES!! I am excited.

But first I snack on the catering back stage. A sandwhich and some hummus/vegetables. After trying to get everyone to wake up, we make our way to the restaurant minus a couple members who still cannot wake up. It's 1:30 at this point. The restaurant is owned by a lover of punk rock. He only lets punk bands sign the wall. The Smashing Pumpkins had asked if they could sign the wall and were told, "sorry only punk bands". Funny.

Well, they hooked us up. Pizza, pasta, and desserts. Of course I ate to much because that is what I do. The lack of sleep was kicking my ass at this time and I was hoping we would head back to the club so I could go to sleep. At 3:30 we headed back and I went straight to the bus where I crashed out. Perhaps the worst sleep ever. It felt like I didn't even sleep, but after two hours past, I must have. At least for a bit.

Finally I gave up on sleep and headed inside the club to set up. It was 3 hours before I would play and jet lag was still kicking my ass. But I had a great show. Much better than when I was there a month ago with Alkaline Trio. People clapped along and I saw a lot of smiling faces. That's always fun.

One of the best things about ANTI FLAG shows besides them rocking!!! is that they enforce NO SMOKING at their shows. Their singer JUSTIN is allergic to the smoke, so they put up signs everywhere and for the most part people obey. I hate smoke.

All in all a good night. I even showered which is a bonus. Though I dressed in the same clothes I have been wearing since Wednesday. Is that yucky? I don't smell. Back to the bus, I didn't sleep until around 4 AM, but I got 5 hours in, so hopefully I'm good for the day. Perhaps a short nap later, but I'm praying this is the last of the jet lag. Be well everyone. I will check in tomorow if I find an internet cafe.
Mike Park