January 04, 2006

10:32 AM
The incessant crying of a young girl behind me is driving me crazy. And it's not real crying it's whiny crying.....look at me mom.... I want attention crying. I'll make her cry for realzzzzzzzz..... Children are wonderful, but if there is ever a time that I don't want children, it is now!! Now she's reciting nursery rhymes. How cute you would think?? But you try listening to BIPPITY BOPPITY for 3 hours straight. She's already woken me twice on this flight.

I've been up since 4:40 AM PST, my flight left chicago at 9:20 AM and now I'm a little more than an hour away from home. I've spent the last few days hanging out in Chicago. The weather had been remarkably warm for January. Hovering in the 40's for most of my stay. I only needed my winter coat once.

Back to 2005, I took the train from MIDWAY to Jenny Choi's. First the ORANGE LINE to CLARK/LAKE and then the BLUE LINE to DAMEN. Finally, the 72 bus north towards KEDZIE. Total cost was $2. But if I had waited just 20 minutes longer it would have been $.01 since it was new years eve all public transportation was just a penny to encourage people not to drink and drive.

I was the first one to arrive and Jenny and Phillip's home. I surprised Monica. She had no idea I was coming. I called her on the phone from outside and then walked in. HIYA!! SuUUUURprise.....!!! Good thing about being early is that the food is still plentiful. I ate and then enjoyed the company of strangers and friends. I was exhausted. Staying up til' midnight was killing me, but I made it and crashed out for the night at a friend named Paul's house. He didn't seem too drunk, but must have been since he fell asleep on the kitchen floor. Hmmmm.... I didn't drink a drop of alcohol. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever drank on New Years before? I enjoy watching the beligerance around me. It's fun.

The last few days, I've just been hanging out playing a game called BOGGLE and eating Chicago style hot dogs. But yesterday I went to the YMCA on ROSCOE and ASHLAND. Since I have a membership in California, I can go for free anywhere in the US. After some basketball, I just relaxed in the sauna. With towel barely covering my privates a man walked by and did a double take. I looked up and it was Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms. Small friggin world. He gave me a hug, which was awkward since I was naked, but what the heck. He had joined the gym to rehabilitate his busted knee from earlier in 2005. He broke his knee cap whilst in a drunken state of mind in Las Vegas. Damn, I bet that hurt.

I'm looking forward to getting back home. Miya Osaki is coming tomorrow for a visit. I miss her dearly. We'll eat vegan food and watch movies. FUN!!
Mike Park