December 30, 2005

10:30 AM
In the last 2 years, the gray hair on my head has tripled. I still look fantastic!!!!!!!!, but now I can't pass for 24 years old. And I don't care too, it's just that was always flattering to hear "You're 36?? Damn, you look like you're 24!!". Now it's "How old are you?". REPLY: "I'm 36". Their REPLY": "OH, that's a nice age"..

It's ok. I'm not the type who is freaking out about getting older. I enjoy the aging process and being able to experience my surroundings from
different stages of life is beautiful. But ya know... It's still a bit disheartening to lose some of that youth. Ya know what I'm saying??

My housemates have been having multiple dinner parties lately, which is fantastic.. I come home to a house full of food. It's my dream. Plus leftovers for the next few days. DAMN!! My pants are snug at the moment, meaning I've probably gained more weight since gorging myself in ENGLAND!!! What to do? I love eating so much. But the weight isn't staying off as easily as before. Believe it or not I exercise at least 1-2 hours a day. That's a lot. This is to give you a clue as to the amount of food that I eat. Definitely out of control, but yummmm...

New Years Eve tomorrow. Goodbye 2005. What are your plans? Will you go full donkey? It's a phrase I made up meaning you are so drunk, you get on all fours and start barking and kicking like a donkey. Let's hope that doesn't happen.
Mike Park