December 29, 2005

4:11 PM
Two friends from LA(Chris and Eddie) came to visit, but unfortunately we didn't get to spend much time together. They went to San Francisco yesterday, but I had to stay back and work. Trying to juggle all the necessities before leaving for tour has put me in a state of mind that comes and goes, but basically I sit dumbfounded over things that are out of my control. ANYWAYS, I leave in 11 days to be exact.

A few friends came over last night and we watched BATTLE ROYALE and episodes of DEGRASSI.
Did I mention my housemate got me JAY AND SILENT BOB DO DEGRASSI. I ended up watching all three episodes, all the commentary, deleted scenes, bloopers, interviews XMAS night. I didn't sleep until the clock hit 4 AM. Kevin Smith is now a certified GENIUS in my book. I've always thought highly of him, but now he's at a new level. We are parallels in terms of our thoughts towards the TV show. Hearing him talk about the show gave me goosebumps. You can't describe Degrassi enthusiasm to everyone. They just look at you like you're crazy, but for someone who loves the show as much as you do, then you will always have that special twinkle that bonds you for life.

I'm gonna leave here in a little bit. I'll excercise and then meet up with this artist named Manny. He's super talented. he's gonna show me his studio. WOO HOO
Mike Park