December 28, 2005

10:07 AM
I took a few days off from blogging. It's easy to stop, but hard to get back on track. One week since my moms purse was snatched out of our garage, yet no new leads from the Police(Not the band). I'm gonna keep calling every few days. Be persistant and hope that something can lead to the return of the purse. At least by calling perhaps they'll put our file on top. I don't know. Wishful thinking??

Xmas day we went to my fathers grave site and brought flowers. I hate going on Xmas. It's such a sad day as my dad is buried next to the childrens section and you see decorative toys that fill the area for the deceased children. I usually wander over and pay my respect to them, but I couldn't muster up the emotions this time through.

Next up, Korean Church. Once a year we go to Korean Church. It brings back many memories of my childhood. I spent the first 10 years of my life attending Korean Church. The smells, the songs, the vibe is always the same. It's like time stands still. We sat near the back as I wondered "why can't I understand Korean"?? It's embarassing. I can only BABY TALK. But at 36 years old, that's not cute anymore. After the service, we ate lunch there as they provided Korean BBQ for everyone. Getting adored by elderly Koreans, saying "Oh, I remember you when you were just a baby" is not so fun.

After lunch, it was back to my moms house for a bit and then the final destination of my sisters home. We exchanged gifts there and ate dinner. I told everyone not to get me anything and I'm very serious about it. They know I'm trying to get rid of all my possesions, so for the most part they obeyed, but I still managed to get a scarf, underwear, and an electronic tooth brush.

Back to Santa Cruz and to a Christmas party at my friends, we played board games til' the wee hours and finally an end to XMas. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...
Mike Park