December 23, 2005

9:42 AM
My mom got her purse stolen out of her car whilst parked in our garage at Asian Man Records yesterday sometime between 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. During that time I saw that my moms driver side door was open. I just closed the door thinking "MOM!!!! Why did you leave the door open". But at around 7PM, the credit card in her wallet was used at a ROTTEN ROBBIE gas station to confirm that has been stolen. It's a very awkward feeling.

You see, we live in a very remote area. The last house at the bottom of a hill. We've always kept our doors open and safety has never been an issue. But now things have changed. There wasn't much in the purse: $110 in cash, drivers license, social security card, various little things, the credit card(Which was used three times:Two gas purchases and a purchase at MARSHALLS DEPARTMENT STORE in SAN JOSE at around 9-10 PM yesterday), and a check book that strangely is my moms way of accounting for everything she does. She writes down everything in that book to document what she spends. She's 70 years old now and the check book is her only way of knowing how to do her accounting for the year. Monetarily it's not a big deal, but too get that check book back would be the big difference maker. Ugggghhhh... I feel a knot in my gut.

I can't imagine some stranger wandering down our street, going into our garage, and then peering into our garage, looking into the window and then grabbing the purse. Doesn't make sense? I'm gonna try to do some detective work. There's got to be surveilance at these establishments. Perhaps I can go to MARSHALLS and ask to watch the surveilance tapes in hopes that I can find out who stole the purse. Does anybody have any advice?? Hmmmmm... MERRY XMAS??
Peace, Mike Park