December 22, 2005

11:17 AM
Sorting through boxes and boxes of junk can be disheartening. You wonder why you bought the junk and then you become depressed thinking about all the money you spent and now you're just throwing it away. Ahhhh, the American way. And specifically this time of year. We spend a sickening amount of money to purchase useless items for our friends and family. But it's the thought that counts right??? Hmmmm.... I wonder??????

I got a chance to meet up with some friends yesterday. First it was my old mate from grade school, whom also shares guitar duties in the CHINKEES Greg ALesandro. We ate food and discussed life as we know it. He the adult with three kids, and me the child with no responsibilities that adulthood brings. Though we both share the same mentality of good natured fun, I often wonder what my life would be like if I had married a decade ago?? WHat would be different and how would my life change? It's just more thinking that I don't need at this point. But thinking is fun....Do you think?? HA..

Well, we met up with Eidelyn, Michael, and Jocelyn to see Walk the Line. The Johnny Cash movie. Do you know it?? What to say about the movie?? Well, he sure did party hard. Lots of drugs, lots of scandalous sex, and a lot of good music. Thumbs up here!!
Mike Park