December 21, 2005

10:35 AM
If I don't stop eating chocolate, cookies, and cakes then I will surely explode before the new year. What's a lad supposed to do during this time of year. I can't help myself. Neighbors bringing cookies over, roomates buying sweets of all kinds, and me...vulnerable me wanting nothing more than to please them by eating. Hmmmm....

A change in subject:
The thought of opening up a restaurant has crossed my mind. It's been something I've wanted to do for a long time, but more recently the idea has been pressing me more than ever. Why not??? In Santa Cruz there's not one Korean Restaurant. Me=KOREAN, why not open a KOREAN RESTAURANT. It would be fantastic. What do you think people? It's not like I have anything to do:PLEA FOR PEACE, ASIAN MAN RECORDS, SOLO CAREER...

Well, enough babbling. I'm gonna make a smoothie. JEalous?? Yeah.
Mike Park