December 20, 2005

11:58 AM
Monica has gone home for Xmas. WHere is home you ask?? Well, Maine. Yeah, that's far away. The farthest point in the continental United States from where I am.(Geographically speaking)
She's excited to see mom and dad and I'm sure they are as excited to see her. I will miss her for sure. She'll be gone for 15 days.

Exciting news from me is that I am almost certain that I'll be moving to San Francisco in mid-January. I've lived in the bay area my whole life, but never in the big city. It's gonna be a tough commute coming to work in Los Gatos, but whatever. There's so much to do in San Francisco. It's something I've always wanted to experience and I guess it's now or never. Ya know.. While I'm still not married without kids, there's no major responsibilities for me, so I better do it now. I'm not getting any younger.

Ok, back to work.
Peace, mike park

PS-It's 5 days til' Xmas and we're starting to get calls from parents who waited til' the last moment to buy gifts for their kids. It's fun to hear their frantic voices asking if we can overnight stuff to them. Damn!!! They end up paying so much for shipping. Oh well.