December 16, 2005

10:06 AM
Perhaps I'm too competitive? But when you end saying the F-WORD repeatedly because you lose and Scattegories is a sure sign things need to change. Ummmm... Yeah, well last night I played board games with my house mates. Just let it go Mike... Let it go. It's not about winning, it's about the experience.

We made fajitas last night and had dinner together. It was nice. It was the first time our schedules put us together at the same time for dinner. Perhaps we can do it more often. I feel much better today, but there's definitely a bit of sickness looming over me. We'll see how I feel throughout the day. I'm gonna meet up with Monica and some friends for dinner and then we'll see KING KONG. Did you know it's 3 hrs and 7 minutes long? That's a lot of movie watching. I'll drink coffee and sneak in snacks. Enjoy your weekend friends.
Peace always,
Mike Park