December 15, 2005

10:24 AM
Somehow through the course of the past 24 hours I've caught the flu/cold bug that is going around. Will I be able to beat this?? I sure hope so. Being sick is no FUN.. And I like FUN!!

What do you do when someone tailgates you? Do you speed up? Well, I drive slower and when they pass me, I smile really big and wave at them. Try it. They have no idea how to react. By the way, if you're a licensed driver and enjoy driving like a maniac then please stop. Seriously. People drive so crazy. I'm more comfortable in a plane nowadays. Why do people feel the need for speed. I blame NASCAR. Damn NASCAR DAMN!!

Dear friends, the year is almost up and for some reason my mind is racing faster than usual. I've been staying up late the last few nights just thinking. Wondering about my future and stuff like that. Do you ever do that? Just stay up late thinking. Hmmmmm...
Mike Park