December 14, 2005

12:06 PM
Narnia...again!! Yes, I watched it for a second time and still amazing. What do you think about that. I'm a friggin winner huh?? My back hurts. I feel so stiff. Like a board.

Jason Thinh is here at asian man and he is saying the word "PUSSY" over and over again. What's the reason?? But he must enjoy talking about it. He has a friend named LUCY that he is referencing the word towards.. Hmmm...

He is imagining her taking a bath in apple juice and ummmm.. yeah.. I'll stop. Sorry for the absurdity of my writings. Well, today is quiet for a change. The phone isn't ringing off the hook and a sense of normality fills the air. Mom made me an omelette filled with cheese and mushrooms. Darn, that was good.

I like having Jason here. He tells funny stories. He's been promoted at his job at the Karoake bar. He befriends everyone including the jocks. And even the meatheadest of the meatheads fall for his charm or in his case his nakedness. Go to myspace and look at pictures of him. His user name is the whiskeycometh!! If you can find him, you'll have a good laugh.

We're going to get some frozen yogurt, so I'll have to end this.
Mike Park