December 13, 2005

9:20 AM
During the weekend, while paintballing it up, I fell and cut my wrist open. I'm afraid it's infected. My wrist hurts and a yellow puss is oozing out of the cut. DAMN!! I thought I washed it pretty good. Oh well.

My sister and I will take my mom to see Chronicles of Narnia. It will take 2 for me as I get ready for more talking animals. I hope my mom doesn't fall asleep as she usually does during movies. The experience of being with her kids is what really excites her. We'll see. Hopefully the talking Lion will give her a boost of energy.

I met with this band called Shinobu last night. I'm gonna put out their record. Listen to their MP3's and please tell me what you think. Here's their URL
Be well.
Mike Park