December 09, 2005

7:10 AM
ahhhh....the hope to sleep til' 8 or 9 has once again eluded me. What to do? Nothing, just go with it and enjoy. I received a copy of the Margaret Cho movie ASSASSIN. On the extras, there's a short, short, short film called ODE TO MARGARET CHO and my song "It's Margaret Cho" is used. And I got a free copy!! Woopdeedoo.. Well, I got a little money too. And yes.. It was very little. Though I love Margaret, I was a little disapointed with the new material. Where in the past, I've had gut busting pain from laughter, I found myself with a half smile for only brief periods. What's the deal Margaret?? Make me laugh.. Hahahahahahahahahahhaha... Oh that's better.

It's now DEC 9th. A little more than 2 weeks til' XMAS. Insane. Monica is leaving for Maine in 9 days. That's where she's from. Her familiy loves her so much and they're excited for her arrival. But it's so cold there. I'm still wearing short pants here in CALI..
Well, not really. But if I needed to...I wouldn't be looked at as completely crazy.

The gym I go to is located on the ALAMEDA in San Jose/Santa Clara. They have an upstairs locker room with a small lounge with tv and couches. I've noticed a couple of men that are always there. I mean always. Whether I'm there day or night. They just sit there and watch tv. It's odd to me.. They buy Jack In The Box and eat fast food while watching TV. I wonder if they just tell their family they're going to the gym and stay there all day watching the boob tube. Hmmmm....

Also at the gym, I've noticed the strong gut. Older men that don't have flab, but are insanely fat, but only in the gut. But the gut isn't flabby. It's just huge, but firm. How do you get like that?? Actually, I think I'm forming one myself, so maybe I can join their club. We'll see.

It's Friday and I've got a bachelor party to go to tomorrow. I'll stay sober and document the beligerance. FUN FUN
Enjoy your weekend.
Mike Park