December 08, 2005

9:29 AM
I saw Harry Potter again last night. And all reviews by me in the past are thrown away as this time I was amazed. In fact, I wondered aloud "what the heck I was thinking the first time around". Did I even watch the same movie or was I caught with some sickness that altered my senses? Regardless, the movie is amazing and even at 2.5 hours, I could have taken an hour more. And it reminded me of dear ol' England and how much I love it there.

While working we noticed a few sweatshirts with holes in them. And then a few more... What the heck? We found about 15 sweatshirts that were shredded about. MICE?? We moved around the shelves and there we found dropping. We moved all garments inside and then set up mouse traps. Our intern Sean, was not happy. He loves animals and didn't want us to put traps out. Ahhhhh......very kind hearted young man, but you don't understand. RODENTS are bad if they invade your home... You need to smoke em' out if you have to. They are mucho trouble. So poison was set all around and 4 traps. But nothing this morning. All the traps are still set. Hmmmm.... The drama continues.

In closing, I need help. Ideas people.. Help me with ideas for XMAS gifts. Here's who I need to buy for:
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Mike Park