December 06, 2005

9:37 AM
The bore of being at home can be exciting if :
A.You don't have to work
B.You don't have to work during holiday season
-As we try to field the hundreds of orders at Asian Man, I find myself daydreaming of last week and being in a foreign land eating myself into a coma. Hey, the food consumption continues whilst at home, but I plan on stopping today. Oatmeal for Breakfast and perhaps a salad for lunch? Sounds so bland, but after going to the gym, stepping on the scale, and damn....8 pounds gained. I'll lose it by the end of the month. I'm good like that.

I am going to venture to the mall tonight. It's Tuesday, which shouldn't be as bad as the weekend and I'll go as late as humanly possible. Perhaps, I can finish all my shopping by the end of the day. We'll see..

Jason Thinh is here. Do you know him?? He plays in Shortround. They're famous. For what?? I'm not quite sure, but famous nonetheless..

Ok, back to work. Places everyone...PLACES
Mike Park