December 05, 2005

10:52 AM
YAY!! I made it home safe and sound. Still jet lagged, but that's ok. The last two days I've woken up at 5 AM. Getting to see things that early can be refreshing. And the mind seems to have more clarity at that hour. But it will probably only last a few more days. We'll see. I'm gonna try and force myself to stay up til' midnight tonight.

Right now, I'm sitting downstairs at Asian Man as my fingers start to numb due to the cold weather that has begun to make it's presence felt. But still it's nothing like Europe. I think Europe has given me strenth to endure the cold. I don't mind sitting here freezing. It's become almost fun. ???

But lots of work is in store for me, so I better get going. Be well people. I will talk to y'all soon.
Mike Park