December 03, 2005

7:54 PM in Frankfurt Germany(The last place for me to be on solid ground)
10:54 AM in California(The next place for me to be on solid ground)
In the best interest of all, I will start off by saying HELLO......But the tone will turn ugly because I'm going crazy on this flight. I'm surrounded by screaming babies, a completely 100% jam packed flight aboard a 747 and a computer that I forgot to charge. Therefore I have only 35 minutes remaining before this thing dies. No personal tv's either on this flight back home. What a bummer. I'd gladly pay extra for the individual screens. What we do have for entertainment is one big screen every 50 feet and then small screens on the sides every 30 feet. If you're not within 10 feet, you're squinting. Guess what??? I'm squinting...Ice Age just came on. It's an animated flick, but it's just on fast forward. I wonder how long it will take for them to fix it? We're exactly half way finished with this flight. 6 more hours to go. Ugghhh....

Hey... It's now 12:13 PM. Ice Age is over. I had to ring the flight attendant and tell her the movie wasn't working. It took a good 15 minutes before anybody said anything. And of all people.. ME?? 5 more hours I guess. They came by with snacks. Shortbread cookies and toblerone. Sugar and more sugar. Yesterday was the last day of tour for the myself and the Trio. We played in a small town called Sraarbrucken. But it didn't seem small. The venue called the Garage was just a few blocks from a huge shopping area. I walked for a good 2 hours and came to the realization that I like walking solo. Nobody else has the endurance to walk like me on this tour. Whenever I wait for somebody, they take forever and then we only end up walking for 10-15 minutes. I bought a 5 pack of socks and a 2 pack of boxer shorts. No luck on pants. I hate shopping and I tried on one pair due to the fact that....I hate shopping. The streets were filled with food vendors selling a sparkling array of smells that had me spinning, but I didn't get anything. Not sure why? Maybe cause I was scared. Yes...Scared. I get scared for strange reasons. Yeah, I can play solo in front of thousands of people, but ordering food in a strange land by myself is scary.

Xmas decor was everywhere and there was some event going on. Everyone had mugs and were drinking hot chocolate and listening to FELIZ NAVIDAD in German. Or at least that's what I think I heard. And then the shock that XMAS is only 3 weeks away...? That's absurd. Maybe I can buy everything online. Anything to avoid the malls/shops...whatever. What's the first thing I want to do when I get home? Hmmm... I kind of want to go to the gym and sit in the steam room for a long time. Clear my head and just relax for a day. I guess there's not much time to relax. I realize it's gonna be busy at work, so I'll probably jump right into the fire and get busy.

The last show was a bit strange. Really hallow feeling. No energy at all and that's including the Alkaline Trio's show. There were about 700 people, but they just seemed calm and complacent in their surrounding. It was hard to gauge the audience, but I sold a good amount of CD'S/Shirts. And if that's any indication of how I did, then I guess I did pretty good. After the show, we headed straight to Frankfurt and checked into the hotel. It took about two/three hours to get packed up and out of there. In the meantime, I strolled down the street and friggin faced my fears and bought a donner kebab with fries. The guy spoke zero English, but he was a nice. I raced back to the bus to eat and started a trend. Dan and Heather wanted to go, so I took them after I finished my last few bites. Back again, we found out this place was voted best Kebab place in the city. Well, woop dee doo. It was rather yummy.. Again, back to the bus we go. This time Matt sees us and he wants one too. But he doesn't want to leave the bus as there are too many people trying to get his autograph, so he offers me 20 bucks to get him one. I refuse the money, but still go back a third time and got him food. I even paid. Yeah, I'm a good guy eh??

And when i got back, the crowd of people were gone and the BUS was ready to roll. I managed to sleep for a bit in the bus before we hit Frankfurt. It was 3:30 AM when we checked into the hotel. I washed my pants and sweatshirt in the sink and hung em up to dry. I spent most the night tossing and turning. Mostly because I was worried the clothes wouldn't dry and of course they didn't. My sweatshirt was still soaking wet. I spent a good 30 minutes with the hair dryer hoping I could at least get the damn thing damp. But my shuttle was leaving and off to the airport I went. In fact, my sweatshirt is still a little wet in areas. hAHA

The big blow is that I forgot my hat on the bus. I've had this hat for 10 years. Bought it in New Orleans at a hat shop. I'm very sad and with that.... I will leave ya because my battery is about to die. Be well.
Mike Park