December 01, 2005

3:02 AM
We're off to the final city of this tour. Saarbrucken I believe is the correct spelling. I'm sitting in the front of the bus enjoying the city lights and the highways of Germany whilst listening to German talk radio with our driver HANS. I couldn't sleep last night. It just felt like I was tossing and turning non-stop. At 10 AM, I gave up and got dressed. Within 5 minutes of walking off the bus, I met a guy named KAI who is the promoter for my tour in JANUARY with ANTI-FLAG. He took me to their office and I got to use their computer. I had 185 EMAILS waiitng for me. I plowed through as many as I could and then just gave up.

I headed back to the bus and met up with Matt. We went for a walk and got some Indian food. We consumed veggie dishes whose names are unknown to me, but we barely made a dent and took the rest to go. What's the deal?? This is something I could usually devour myself......hmmmmm.... Oh well, we went to some record stores and then i headed back to do some interviews with some German magazines. I did 4 total. That's 4 more than I did on the entire UK tour. Actually I did do one in the UK. Actually, I did two yesterday, so six so far in Germany. NICE......

It was a late show. I didn't go on until 10 PM. I hate late shows, but what cha gonna do. It was my least favorite show of the tour to be brutally honest. The crowd seemed disinterested and though I do feel things went ok, the connection wasn't there like it was in Bochum. I went back to sell merchandise after I played and watched the Trio play for the millionth time. They've got such catchy songs, it's hard to deny their popularity. I still managed to sell 17 cd's, so some people liked me.

I'm returning in less that 6 weeks to play the same club. It's strange seeing posters with my name on it for a future show in GERMANY of all places when I'm still there. Does this make sense?? I'm blabbing. My battery is about to die, so I'll leave this as is. Be well.
Peace, mike park

10:55 AM
Hey hey... It's now Thursday morning and the bus is still driving. Again, I had a rough nights sleep. Not sure what's going on, but I feel unsatisfied with my rest. I'm sitting downstairs in the lounge spending some quality time blogging. I have no idea how much further we have to go? But I hope we're there soon. The sky is blue and there's trees everywhere. Remnants of snow fill the ground. It reminds me of Lake Tahoe a bit.

This is the last day of tour. I'm sad, but at the same time excited to be going home. I miss Monica dearly. She is my best friend and can't wait to see her, talk to her, hold her, walk with her, and kiss her. I miss certain restaurants, I miss my bike, I miss my family, I miss work, I miss basketball, I miss my own bed, I miss Santa Cruz, and mostly I miss my moms cooking!! HA!

Three goals today:
A:Buy underwear
B:Buy Socks
C:Buy pants
-and if possible find some gifts for people back home.
Peace, mike park