November 30, 2005

1:27 AM
Ahhhhh...the first show in Germany is now over. What a great show in Bochum. It was exciting to play for a non-English speaking country and still feel connected. I sold a bunch of cd's/shirts, met a lot of kind people, and just had a fun time. The club was next to a store that was the equivalance to KMART, but not quite as big. But I found shoes there. 20 EUROS. And I like them a lot. At least my feet are dry now. HA!! They might be a bit big on me, but my feet don't hurt. And that's all that matters.

The club was called the MATRIX. They had crazy interior designs. Kind of artsy, kind of scary...??? Plastered bodies stuck in the walls. I took some pictures, so I'll try to post them when I get home. Though our catering has left, we're still getting a ton of food sent our way. The back stage was packed full of sandwich fixins, chips, different drinks, cheeses, fruits, etc.. I thought that was it, but then the promoter said "DINNER IS READY!! And we got hooked up with a huge meal of both veggie and meat choices. But I had eaten so much already I could barely put anymore in my body.

It's hard to believe there's only 2 more shows remaining. We're about to head off to Berlin for show number TWO in Germany. I'm gonna try to get to sleep here, so I can be well rested tomorrow for a walk around the city. Be well..
Mike Park