November 29, 2005

8:29 PM
It's Tuesday and I'm in Bochum, Germany. To be honest, I have no idea where I am in relation to perhaps the bigger cities like BERLIN, HAMBURG. I just know that I woke up this morning and nobody spoke English and snow covered the ground. My goal is to replay the last 48 hours. Here goes:

Again, we were at the rock star hotel in London. Juliette Lewis was at our hotel, but I couldn't find her. She had been in the bar earlier, but of course when I went down she was gone. She probably heard I was coming and got the heck out of there. I had walked around London most of the day and spent the rest of my night just lying in bed reading and dozing in and out of consciousness.

Bus call was at 2 AM and I got situated in my new bed on the bus. I was directly across Dan Andriano and we held hands. Nah, we didn't. Or did we?? Maybe for a second. I was so excited to be in the bed. Again, soaking up the experience the best I can as I rarely get to ride in a rock n' roll bus. I woke up at around 1 PM and we were still 2 hours from AMSTERDAM. DOH!!!!! I needed to drop the kids off at the pool, but I just sucked it up until we got into AMSTERDAM. I sat up in the front to see the country. As soon as we hit AMSTERDAM, the first thing I noticed were bikes... BIKES EVERYWHERE!!! And all of them vintage in design. This must be heaven I thought??? You put a woman on a vintage bike and it's like Scarlett Johanson everywhere. Reverse that and put Scarlett Johanson wearing bike pants on a fancy Mountain Bike and you have an eye sore. Of course I forgot to take pictures of all the bikes.....I'm an idiot. We finally checked into our hotel at a bit past 3 PM. It was at the CROWN ROYALE!! Very nice... VERY PLUSH!! And friggin free for me. The trio keep hooking me up like a tow truck.

Luckily, the number of people rolling with the trio is 9 now, so they had to get 5 rooms regardless and that meant free bed for MICHAEL!! WOOHOO!!! The goal was to meet up in 15 minutes in the lobby, so I showered up and basically lost track of time. I took pictures of me wearing the CROWN ROYAL robe. It was nice! When I went down to the lobby, everyone was gone. BOOHOO!! And it was raining. I tried to get a room list from the front desk so i could try calling to see if anyone was still around. But then MATT SKIBA came down and we ventured out.

First things first.....FOOD. We went to get Falafel and hummus. YUMMM... SKIBA paid cause I didn't have Euros. He's good like that. Not much sunlight after that. This was my first time in AMSTERDAM, so SKIBA took me around to the RED LIGHT DISTRICT. NO!! We didn't get hookers. We're good boys, but he wanted to show me this crazy phenomenon. It's open season for prostitution as they stand on display in a red lighted room. Just like a department store with mannequins, but with real ladies. I guess you pick the one you want and just do it?? We saw a shirt for sale with the NIKE logo that said "JUST DID IT".. Geeeeeezzzz... That was pretty funny.

By the way, you know AMSTERDAM is famous for legal marijuana right? Basically, all the cafe/bars have a huge selection and you just order what you want and get high right there in the bar. It seems insane to me. Matt and I went into a bar and ordered some space cakes. They were 7 EUROS each. I think that's like $1.25 per EURO. But I had never eaten a space cake before.(SPACE CAKES ARE PASTRIES COOKED WITH MARIJUANA) We split one and then walked around more. The cake was really good. Caramel and TOFFEE.. We took pictures of old buildings and headed back to the hotel hoping we could find the rest of the band and crew.

Ahhhhhh.... Huge party already ensuing in rooms 203/205 with the joining middle door. Do you know what I'm talking about?? This way you can open the middle door and both rooms are accessible. It's so fun. Dan Andriano had bought a huge pastry selection of Cheese cake muffins and chocolate cake all with special herbs in them. Their sound man had bought 4 different types of herb and he seemed to be the expert of AMSTERDAM. Matt and I decide to split Space Cake number 2 at this point. It's around 8 PM and I'm starting to get a bit cloudy in the head. It was dinner time and though I wasn't hungry, I went along with the group to an ITALIAN restaurant across the street.

By the time I was seated, I was out of my mind. To describe the level of highness would be impossible because I've never been this high. I was silent most of the night except to order my pizza and answer any questions that were thrown my way. My mind was racing at a million miles an hour. And this restaurant was so nice. Perhaps the best dining experience of my life. The art of fine dining was truly experienced here. I'm so used to eating for so cheap, but this was the real deal. Drinking different types of wines and for the first time thinking "DAMN!! This tastes so good. I usually drink wine and it tastes horrible, but this was incredible". Different wine glasses for the different bottles and blah blah blah. It was nice. I'll leave it at that. The whole time I wanted to try speaking Italian to our waitress, but I was too scared. Oh well.

Back to the hotel, I bid farewell to the rest of the group. The night was still young for them, but I so dearly wanted to go back to my hotel room where I knew I was safe. The level of highness was ridiculous, so I just wanted to get into bed. Back in my room, I guzzled some water, brushed my teeth, and watched TV til' around 11 PM. My roomate Brad came in at that point and then I finally passed out. At around 3 AM, the Trio guys and Heather tried to wake me up, but they only ended up waking up BRAD as I was passed out. I slept solid til' 8 AM. Showered and headed to the bus and our 9 AM bus call. 250 KILOMETERS to our next show took 5 hours. And I slept the entire drive. That was 14 hours of sleep I got.

And now I'm in another foreign country not knowing the language, but I'm wide eyed and eager to see everything. I am on stage in 19 minutes. Hope it's a good show. FUN FUN.
Mike Park