November 26, 2005

3:21 PM
Today is the finale in the UK. Birmingham, home of the SPECIALS is where we say goodbye. I feel a bit better today, but I'm definitely still sick. My energy is low, but at least my fever has subdued for the time being. Yesterday was really a blur. I rested throughout the day, taking naps, and staying out of the cold. When it was time for the show, I could barely function, let alone play music. But the show must go on.

Playing actually made me feel better. It loosened me up and got my juices flowing. I headed straight for the shower after the show and took as much heat as I could stand. I bundled up and headed to the bus. Heather, the merchandise woman for the ALKALINE TRIO told me she'd pack my stuff up. Bless her. This way I was able to just go straight to my couch and rest without having to pack up after the show. I could hear the ALKALINE TRIO playing whilst I watched CHRISTMAS VACATION on DVD. Ahhhhh.. That's a funny movie, but I dozed off somewhere in the middle. More naps is always a good thing.

It was an early show. Trio were done at 8:50 PM and the sellout crowd were raucous outside the bus. I could hear them milling about waiting to get autographs from the band members. The crowd stayed for nearly 2 hours after the show in freezing temperatures waiting for the last member, Matt Skiba to make his way from the dressing room to the bus.

Without having my own bed, I knew I had to get up as people would want to use the back lounge where I sleep. Which was fine. We ended up watching ROMPER STOMPER. Have you seen that movie?? Russel Crowe. It's a great movie. And then Matt and I watched TEAM AMERICA, but I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of it. When I woke up, Matt was gone. I turned off the movie and went to sleep.

I kept waking up throughout the night having to pee, but forced myself back to sleep. Just trying to get as much rest as possible. Finally at 11 AM I got up and headed to the club. I'm still laying low today. Hopefully, I can get out and talk to the people at the show. Last night was the first time I didn't mingle with the crowd. It made me sad. Hopefully tonight will be better. Be well.

AFTER DINNER:SOUP(MUSHROOM), FRUIT, and PASTA...oh and then real late at night I had cereal.

Mike Park

10:27 PM
The UK leg of the tour is officially over. Thank you England and Scotland for embracing me so kindly. Though I was only able to meet a fraction of you, I am beyond thankful for the kindness bestowed upon me. It will not be forgotten and the thought of returning gives me goose bumps in anticipation and excitement.

For the 4th time on this tour we were not able to sell our own Merchandise. The club took care of it and took nearly 50% of what we made. What I don't understand is that there are bootleggers outside every show on this tour selling Alkaline Trio swag, but the club does nothing about it. Why is this??? Am I missing something? The band gets screwed and the bootleggers get to keep all the money. How is this fair. I don't know?? It doesn't make sense, so I will try not to think about it. But here is the break down of my merchandise tonight and what I had to pay the venue:
VAT @ 17%: 18.29 POUNDS

DAMN!! That's right.....out of 418 POUNDS that I sold, they took 188 POUNDS!!! Oh well. It's all good. Money isn't important. SIGH....:( :( :( In fact.....I paid them more than they paid me. So basically I have paid them to play at their venue. DOH!!!
We leave at midnight back to London. Day off tomorrow. I'm feeling much better and need to continue to rest up and hopefully i'll be ready to enjoy myself tomorrow.
Be well.
Peace, mike