November 25, 2005

12:02 PM
Though my health seemed to be rising towards the surface of normality, I woke up at 11 AM knowing that was no longer the scenario. In fact, I feel worse today than any other day on tour. I'm sitting in catering drinking tea, hoping that my health will nurse itself back. Perhaps a hot shower will help. At this point, I'm just not sure. We're winding down on our UK stint. Two more shows. We're in Bristol tonight and then wrap things up in Birmingham tomorrow.

Yesterday, I made my rounds wishing everyone a HAPPY T-DAY and then caught up on work, etc.. At around 2:30 PM, boredom set in and I thought I'd go for a walk. I wrapped up in layers of clothing and ventured in a straight line. A 55 minute walk had me shivering as a blizzard is supposed to be hitting many parts of England. Probably not the smartest thing for me to do, but I just wanted to get out so badly. What did I see??? Not much, the shops are starting to run together and the buildings though beautiful are doing the same. Perhaps it's my state of mind and my health is definitely a factor. I feel dirty. My clothes need a wash and I'm too lazy/cold to go out looking for laundry.

Well, the highlight of the day was dinner. A full thanksgiving spread was presented to us by our kind British chefs. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry, a salmon bake, vegan casserole, salad upon salad, a ton of desserts and damn.... I was in pain...... I started doing laps in the club. Just circling about trying to get myself in some working order. The staff and crew seemed amused.

The show in Manchester was amazing. They keep getting better and better. The audiences are predominantly white, but at this show a handful of Asians were in DA HOUSE!! WOOP WOOP!!! It's always exciting to see some ethnic diversity as I feel punk rock has become stale. Sometimes the club sells our stuff and in that case, they take a huge % of our sales. It's happened twice so far and it will happen again tonight and tomorrow, but in the days where we sell ourselves, I put a sign up that says "HEY KIDS!! I WILL BE BACK TO SELL MERCHANDISE AFTER I PLAY"... So after I'm done playing, I pack up as fast as I can and head to the merchandise area. I've become a stud at packing up quickly. Within 5 minutes I'm back there selling stuff. There was already a big crowd of people waiting to buy stuff. It's always exciting, but stressful all the same. I think I've said this previously, but I don't think bands sell their own stuff, so it's a shock for people to see me back there. England likes autographs, so I'm signing/selling/signing/selling/signing/selling. FUN FUN FUN

I sold 54 CD'S and a ton of T-shirts. I'm running out of stuff. I have very few sizes left. Next time I will know not to order so many big sizes. A flattering moment came while the Alkaline Trio were playing. A girl came up to me and just kissed me. It took me by suprise. She said She loved me. Really?? LOVE?? HA HA

BREAKFAST:Cereal(like a chex mix, but British) and a banana
LUNCH:TOADS IN THE HOLE(this is a British dish that is yorkshire pudding with sausages inside hanging about), plus salads, soup, breads, and cheeses.
DINNER:Traditional Thanksgiving
AFTER DINNER:T-day leftovers.......

Mike Park