November 24, 2005

12:15 PM
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! The day is here, but fortunately I'm sheltered from all the hoopla as my last two weeks have been in the anonymity of the UK. There is no Thanksgiving here of course, but there are a lot of people who are thankful. Well, at least I think they are. I guess I shouldn't assume anything, but hey... why not.

I feel a bit better today. Sleeping 8.5 hours always helps and doing nothing physical makes for a restful body. But that's what I did yesterday. Nothing. Rolling out of bed(Or couch in my case) I knew things were wrong yesterday. I had been completely drenched in my own perspiration throughout the night, yet shivering cold all the while. I thought... Perhaps I've beaten this thing, but nah.... So the decision was made to stay low. I never left the club. Opting for maximum productivity, I caught up on all my e-mail. And then spent the rest of my day surfing the web with mindless URL's ranging from basketball to Degrassi Jr. High. Oh yeah, let's not forget about the tea. Perhaps 10 cups were consumed??? Yeah, I was pissing a lot.. WOOPDEEDOO!! It's the first day I wasn't able to explore a city. ME=SAD

Matt bought the British equivalance of THERA FLU and I drank a hot cup of it before I played. It helped. My show went great and I felt fantastic for the next 2 hours and then my body started to fade. Heather drew a fake moustache on me at the merchandise table. It was a long curly mostache. Kids stared at me while buying my record. I sold 49 CD's last night. I now have to ration the remaining cd's. There are 225 cd's for the next 6 shows.

After the show I took a piping hot shower. Actually, I had no choice. The temperature had a mind of its own and I just took it like a man. Straight to the rock bus I went and started going at the post show food that's always on the bus. Cheesecake and rhubarb crumble with vegan custard. YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Not the smartest thing to do when you're ill, but oh well. Like the ELTON JOHN song says "I'M STILL STANDING". We watched EUROPEAN VACATION as I curled up in a ball trying to sleep and watch the movie at the same time, while 3 others sat in the crowded back lounge. I woke up a bit later with all the lights off and me still curled up in the ball. DAMN!!! How long have I been in this ball?? I can extend...stretch...ahhhh.... I probably got up 4 times throughout the night to pee due to liquid intake, but all in all it was a good night of sleep. And now I'm stuck in a dungeoness backstage area killing time. There's no internet, but I'll try to use dial up in a bit. Hope I can get on. Be well. Happy Thanksgiving to the friends/family back home.
LUNCH:BBQ CHICKEN SANDWHICH, VARIOUS SALADS, SOUP(forgot what kind), and I tried taking it easy, but I guess I still ate a lot.
DINNER:Here I definitely took it easy. Caeser Salad, Potato Soup
AFTER SHOW: I already said it earlier, cheesecake and rhubarb crumble or something like that.

Peace, mike park