November 23, 2005

1:30 PM
I'm sick... Coughing up big lumps of green phlegm is a sure sign that things aren't well inside. What to do?? My head has a pulse as it thumps in rhythmic pain. FUN FUN I made a bad decision yesterday by going with the Alkaline Trio to their BBC session. I had an opportunity to have a day off in London at a swanky hotel, but instead I wasted my day sitting in a basement. I actually fell asleep for two hours. We didn't get out of there until 8 PM. Back to the hotel, myself and some guys in the production crew went to get a quick bite to eat. We picked a place called PIZZA EXPRESS.

The general thought was that it would be quick and we'd get back to the hotel in time to relax. But the food took nearly an hour to get to us. Our impatience turned sour as we started using profanity in response to our wait. Albeit, the place was packed, but when you have 4 hungry men, the natives can get restless. Back to the hotel, I stripped down and took a hot bath. It was on the walk back to the hotel that I realized I was getting sick. Hence the hot bath. I toughed out 30 minutes soaking. I could feel the perspiration oozing out of me. Hoping that the toxins would be following suit. Bus call was 3 AM, so I just watched the television for some mindless stimulation. PUNISHER the movie was on. There's a funny story behind that. Some of you may have heard me tell the story at shows, but it's too long to write here. Or is it?? Yeah, it is.

I had a tough night's sleep. Waking up completely drenched in perspiration is no fun. After lunch, I'm going to try going back to sleep. Wish me luck. I don't feel so good :(


Mike Park