November 18, 2005

4:35 PM
We're in Newcastle, England. Last night we played at LEEDS COLLEGE. During sound check somebody came into our dressing rooms and stole Matt Skiba's computer and this beautiful new jacket he just bought last week. Also, the opening band SUNSHINE got their computer stolen. It made for a lousy day in terms of anger and bewilderment as to why someone would come in and steal these items. Uggghhh!! I don't know what to say since it's not my stuff, but I'd be horrified if it happened to me.

We played in the College Cafeteria. 2,100 tickets had been sold, but the venue was horrible. I felt sorry for those who weren't up front. You couldn't see the band if you were in the back. It was a terrible venue for a concert of this magnitude. My G string broke on my guitar after the 5th song. And instead of trying to fix it, I opted for playing with 3 strings. My set is so short that it would be silly to lose the momentum by changing strings. It all worked out. I told some stories and played two more songs with the busted guitar. I ended up selling 58 CDs. At first, I was like AHHHHH..... Only 58, but geeeeez....Before the tour even started I only rationed it out for 30 cd's to be sold a night, but after that first show everything was thrown off and I suddenly felt the need to sell 100 CDs every night.

Tomorrow is a day off and we'll stay in Newcastle. I'll try to make some friends tonight at the show and see if I can hang out and go sightseeing or something fun with the locals. DAMN!! I wish we were selling our own stuff tonight, but the club has their own staff doing that. It's sad, but what can you do. It's an easy way to talk to people when you're behind the merchandise table selling stuff.

I only walked for an hour earlier today. The weather gets colder as we head north. I looked for DVDs to watch on the bus rides. I bought HURRICANE, TEAM AMERICA, and PASSION OF THE CHRIST. That should keep us at bay for the next 5 days. I paid 15 pounds for a set of guitar strings. That's $30 US DOLLARS!! FUDGE!! I thought I brought strings, but when I looked for them, they were gone.

LUNCH:QUICHE, Stir fried vegetables, Quesadillas, various salads..
AFTER SHOW:Apple crumb cake and Custard

Mike Park