November 16, 2005

2:18 PM
I'm in a dream dear people. A dream that has me google eyed, smiling, and drooling all at the same time. Last night I played in front of 1,750 people in Southampton, England. I sold 117 cd's. It's the most I've ever sold in one show, including when I was in a band. Believe me, I was in shock. I'm just trying to soak everything in because I know this is a once in a lifetime experience. The Alkaline Trio are friggin huge and every show in England is sold out. There are 12 paid staff traveling on this entire tour. Full production and catering. So far I've eaten 4 meals. Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, and now lunch again. Gourmet meals cooked to order and I'm in dreamland. I won't even need to spend money for the next two weeks.

They really like to get autographs in England. It was more crazed than even Japan. I had a line 20 feet deep waiting for me to sign their tickets, cd's, and even body parts. ROCK STAR?? Nah, but it's fun to play make believe ya know. My friends know me and I'm just having fun with it. The rock n' roll bus has turned out to be a bit of a bummer. You see, there are 14 beds, but I'm the 15th person and since I don't work for the TRIO I'm out of luck. I got the couch, which is fine. I'm just a little bit big for it, plus I had no blanket. Just my heavy coat. But ya's still glamorous. I'm feeling very blessed and I'm thankful for it all. We're in London today. I slept nearly 7 hours, but I feel so exhausted. UGGHH!! Wish me luck as I try to go for a walk. Be well people.
Mike Park