November 15, 2005

8:05 AM
Well, I so badly wish that I was still sleeping right now, but they're doing some kind of construction outside and I've given up falling back asleep. My eyes are heavy now as I could probably fall asleep just typing, but then the load thud of what's happening outside keeps reminding me that "HEY!! You aren't going back asleep"!! DAMN!! It's getting louder and louder.

I can't remember where I left off yesterday? I was in a cafe near the train station in Brighton. What did I do then?? Hmmmmm... I guess I just explored the city. There's so many cool shops. I went to the vegeterian shoe store, some cool book stores, they have a mod store with very cool fred perry's, but super expensive, a few comic book stores, and people watched til' I could watch no more. I found an Indian Buffett that I had gone to last time. Only 3.50 Pounds. I remember Buzz saying it was a bit soupy, but cheap. Well, yes... It was soupy, but I remember liking it, so I had another go at it. This time though it didn't agree with my stomach as I still feel somewhat funny down below. What can you do?? Eh??

There was a 2-tone photo exhibit going on. The original photographer from the 2-tone era was displaying her collection from the early 80's of all the British 2-tone bands. I tried desperately to find it. With no luck, I gave up heading back to home base. I asked Buzz to do a google search and now I had exact directions. I went at it again and found it. But it was closed. DOH!! They opened at 5 PM, but it was only 3:30, so I just called it a day and took it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be.

Before the show, I took a short nap and then took the 5 minute walk to the venue. Wow, if I could walk to all shows from where I am staying, life would be a bit brighter. The place was situated right below the train station and it's called the Prince Albert. Really cool setting upstairs in a small room, with lots of candles. They have so many cool small venues in Brighton. Why can't they have more of these in the US?? The show was sold out!! Albeit, the capacity was only 100, but still a sell out is a sell out. And the show was pretty good. I had some tuning problems on my end, so I just hand muted the chords to disguise the out of tune playing on my end. Why didn't I just tune up you ask?? Well, I don't know.. Lazy?? I hate dead air, so I just try to keep going regardless.

I played with a bunch of different acoustic acts, including the Flying Marrows. They are a duo(Brothers to be exact) and I had met them last year in Southampton.
They had come to America a few years prio and stayed with Dan Potthast. They also played a handful of shows with him. They are so genuine and loving people. There's not one ounce of pretentiousness like the majority of bands. They play because they enjoy music and especially SKA. There's nothing great about them in terms of musicianship or amazing song writing, but their honesty shines bright through it all. They really love Dan as they have written two songs about their experience hanging out in Santa Cruz. FUN FUN

The singer for another band called SKA GAL was super sexy and would talk to me with her face really close. Do you know those type of talkers??? You're like.... Damn you're an inch from me face. I kept turning my head so she could talk into my ear instead of my nose. There were quite a few cute girls, which is always nice since I like cute girls. Of course Monica still reigns number one in my life. She knows i like pretty girls, so it's ok. And she knows I'm a good boy, so double good.

We headed back after the gig and I had a bit of trouble sleeping. I ended up watching a movie with a dude from that movie Swingers and the woman who played Jean Grey in XMEN. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?? It was a romantic comedy of sorts. I don't know. It was pretty bad, but I kept watching cause I like XMEN. Alright, I gotta pack up and get ready to leave. My train leaves at 10 AM and then I'll be with the TRIO. Be well.
Mike Park

10:22 AM
I am now on my second train of the day. I changed over in HOVE and now this train will take me straight to southampton. I should of held off writing this morning to kill some time. It's a bit dreary today. Light sprinkles and dark clouds surround the area. I've been wondering when the rain would come and now it's here. Locals had told me that just a few weeks ago it was still summer weather. People in shorts and t-shirts walking about. I don't mind. As long as I don't get sick, then any weather works. I feel a little bit off today. I took an EMERGEN-C package and I'm gonna take an airborne in a bit here just to make sure I knock out any bad stuff in my system. Tomorrow we play at BRIXTON ACADEMY in LONDON. Capacity is 6,000. It's already sold out. HA!! Actually all the shows are already sold out. That'll be the biggest crowd I've played in front of as a solo artist. The biggest show I ever did was 12,000 in Korea, but that was with a full band. England has a beauty that can't be described. It feels so nostalgic over here. With the castles sitting upon the hill looking down on me saying "Hello there....Do you know how people have died here"?