November 14, 2005

10:09 AM
Happy Monday!! I'm sitting on a futon watching talk shows about weight loss obsession here in good ol' Brighton, England. Kind of scary...I need to turn it off it's freaking me out. Well......Brighton is a wonderful, wonderful town settled on the coast with lots of fashion and a bustling music scene. I'm staying at my friend BUZZ'S place along with his girlfriend EM.. They are wonderful people. I'm excited to be here and I'm doubly excited to get out and explore the city today. Today feels like the first time I can just relax and enjoy myself without the pressure of catching a train or playing a show.

Yesterday was extremely exhausting. I was told Sunday's are slow train days. No express lines meant we stopped at every station. My last train took 49 minutes though the distance was only 12 miles. Hearing the conductor say "LAST STOP BRIGHTON" was unbelievable comfort to the body and soul. I had the chance to spend some time here last year and the familiarity of the city was exciting to me. Being able to walk to BUZZ'S and know exactly where I was made me smile. The same pubs, bakery's, the shops, and all the places I visited last year were still there smiling back at me. FUN FUN

BUZZ lives on top of a clothing store and he owns a record store in the basement. His rent is only 180 pounds a month, which is extremely cheap for that area, but it's also nestled in such a crazy small space that has a death trap stairwell that you need to go down. But it works.

To my suprise the SELECTER were playing a show in BRIGHTON that night, so BUZZ asked if I wanted to go.. Of course!! One of my high school idols playing a show. I waited upstairs for about an hour just relaxing. The record store was still open, so I waited and then we went to a local pub that brews their own beer. I had gone there before and was excited to have a pint of their espresso stout. I needed a caffeine shot as I was starting to fade. Off to the SKA show at a place called the CONCORDE where I had played both solo and with a band. There was a good sized crowd of about 300 people. The main support band was called BIG and they had the crowd dancing including myself. But by the time the SELECTER hit the stage I was so exhausted that I only lasted 3 songs and called it a night.

On the way back to BUZZ'S we stopped at this burger joint and got veggie Malaysian burgers. Had red chili's and peanut butter on them. Really tasty. And that was it. By the way it's now 12:14 PM and I'm sitting in a cafe across the way from the train station. Drinking tea, listening to lounge music, and enjoying the British accents that surround me. Be well people.
Peace always,
Mike Park