November 12, 2005

It's now 12:32 AM in California, making it 8:32 AM in Cambridge, England. I've been up since 4 AM. I've been reading magazines and watched STAND BY ME on the tele.. I actually wrote a blog last night, but it's nowhere to be found now?? Hmmmm.... The turn of events the past 24 hours have been interesting to some degree. Realizing it was my birthday at 12:01 AM made being away from friends and family easier, as I told nobody here in England and went on with my day...BUSINESS AS USUAL.

I arrived at London Heathrow at 6:30 AM. A quick run through customs and I was in the country. Walking with a guitar on my back and a huge bag I treked down some stairs and hopped on to an express train to Paddington Station, then on the LONDON UNDERGROUND to KINGS Cross and then a 45 minute non-stop to my final destination of the day-CAMBRIDGE.

My gosh, it was only 9:30 AM and here I was as a total stranger wondering if it would be rude to call the promoter this early. I had told him, I'd be around at noon, but without anywhere else to go I rang him up and got a undistiguishable garble of a HELLO.... But he was very ok with my call and said "I'm hungover" I'll be there in 10 minutes. 10 minutes turned into 30 minutes, but that's alright. We treked back to his home where I passed out for 6 hours. 6 hours!! Damn, that's a long nap.

Clearing the cobwebs I got my things ready and we headed to the club where the show was happening. It was around 6 PM, the place was called PORTLAND ARMS. A very British looking pub, with great pub food, and a small live room in the back where the show was to be. The promoter was also in the opening band called RTC. Another local named LEE FLETCHER played an opening set. They had begun drinking pints early on and it made for some comical exchanges amongst the crowd and band. It was a sparse crowd. Maybe 20-30 people. By the time I played a belingerent group of people talked loudly during my performance which knocked the wind out of me. That's when I turn into the CLOSED EYED monster. That means I just zone everything out and sing my songs. It's an awful feeling and one that I don't enjoy, but as is life....things don't always go as planned and instead of my usual banter I kept quiet and played my songs and finished up in a hurry. I ended up only selling 2 cd's. Better than nothing I guess. The brilliant(I'm already speaking like a local) thing about the pubs is that they close early. For me, early is fantastic. I was being put up by a local gent who ran a zine called FRACTURE in the UK and his roomate took me back to their place pretty soon after I finished playing. I was in bed by midnight. Passed out, but unfortunately I was up and am still up since 4 AM. UGGHH!!! Today, I need to take the train the EXETER. It's supposed to be about a 4 hour journey. Needing to take 4 different trains. Wish me luck. Be well. I hope I can find a wireless signal so I can post these newletters.
Mike Park