November 09, 2005

8:33 AM
My alarm was set for 7:45 AM. A bit early for me as I've been sleeping in later and later these past few weeks. Monica made me a cake for my birthday which is Friday. Ahhhhh..Yes, the special day is here. MY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY!! How will I spend it you ask?? Well, I will arrive in London at 6:55 AM. At that point I will take a train to Cambridge and walk to the club that I'm playing. Yes, walk. I love walking, so why not. I will repeat this action for the next 4 days until I hit SOUTHAMPTON where I will jump on the rock n' roll bus for a 16 days.

My birthday will be spent in anonymity. WHich is nice. I tell my family and loved ones to never ever buy me anything. It's impossible to buy me stuff. FOr gods sake I'm still wearing clothes that I had in high school. I just don't like receiving gifts. The only thing I like to receive are socks and boxer shorts. Everything else...BLAH!!! Since I've been wearing second hand clothing for the last 22 years, it's impossible to buy clothing for me and since I've decided to become a minimalist the past decade, all other items are viewed as junk.

Well, there are a few things that need to be done before I head to San Francisco and my rock star modeling gig. My hair is in a confused state right now. Hope they don't mind. What to do about that?? Well, I don't know.. It's their problem. I'll eat Indian food in the Tenderloin and be back in the South Bay by 9 PM. Enjoy your day.
Mike Park