October 31, 2003
11:38 AM

Happy Halloween!! I've been up since 10:14 AM, but should be still asleep. But my friend Lance whose apartment I stayed at woke me up for a reason i don't even know anymore. ARGGHHH!! I was sleeping so good. It's cool. Hey kids... I'm dressing up as a tennis player in a few minutes. I don't know how I came up with this idea, but that's what I'm doing. I hope it works out. I went to some Thrift store in Chicago and bought everything I needed for $6. Yes, again I am cheap as they get. So a bargain to me is the equivalence of winning the lottery. I'm gonna wear my costume right now. And I'm off to meet a friend for lunch. Ummmm... Last night the Alkaline Trio show had 4,487 people paid. YIKES!!! How'd they get so huge? It's incredible. Good for them. I'm totally proud of them. Alright kids. Have a safe night tonight. Be good. Smile big.

Peace always, Mike Park