November 08, 2005
10:31 AM

I'm back from RENO. Safe and sound. My sisters dog is still alive thanks to my neighbor(Mary Anne) who has been walking that good dog like 3 times a day. DAMN!! It rained, so I don't have to water the garden. DOUBLE DAMN!! It's all good.

I have two days til' I go to England. Get this, a bicycling magazine read about my story and then looked me up online. They asked me to model for their new clothing line. I get paid and get free clothes. "Me?? I asked". "Yes, we looked at your pictures online and think you would be perfect". Me?? A model?? You're kidding right? Well, I guess not. Tomorrow at 1PM I go to San Francisco to Cafe Du Nord and do a photo shooot. If I can get rights to the pictures I'll put them on the site. Screw that.. Even if I can't get rights to the pictures I'll put em' up on my website. I feel pretty good about things right now. That means all work is done and I'm ready to go to ENGLAND with a clear mind. Confident that everything is going to be ok. Well, I guess I better get back to work. Be well.
Mike Park