November 03, 2005

9:37 AM
TOnight I leave for RENO, NV. at 9:55 PM. My flight arrive at 10:50 PM. Beats driving eh?? I am playing a show in RENO tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect? It's at a 21+ bar. which is something I never do. More than anything I'm going out there to see some old friends. There was a band in the 90's called the MUDSHARKS from the RENO area. Their saxaphone player was this amazing man named Jamaal Tarkington. We have kept in touch, but unfortunately I have not been able too see him in over 10 years. This will be our first encounter and I'm excited to catch up with him. Even if the show is a complete waste of time, I'll at least get to see my friend.

A girl named Kim sent me a message saying she could hook me up with tickets to the local movie theater. I took her up on it within an hour of her message. I saw A SQUID AND THE WHALE. Friggin amazing movie. I loved it. It's the first movie in a long time that made me feel good inside. At the camera 7 theaters in Campbell, California they have a PIZZA MY HEART connected and you can buy pizza and eat it in the theater. That's what I did. I like food people. I'm addicted. I need to watch it though. Though I am fit cause I excersize like a mad man, the food can't be good for me. And as I advance in age, my body must be saying "NO MAS". And then we have England next week. The land of fried foods. And I love fried foods. What to do?? WHat to do??
Mike Park