November 02, 2005

BAY AREA!! We need your help!!!
-A friend of mine is making a short independent film using one of my songs. Dan Potthast is going to star in it and we need extras to be in this, so if you live in the bay area and can help out, we will be shooting on Sat. Nov. 5, and Sun. Nov. 6. These will be all day shoots. Even if you only available part of the day, no problem. We do need a kid to be in a shot, so if you have a brother or sister under the age of 10, then great!! Help us out.
-ther than people, we need a Burger joint. Perferably not a corporate place. And if somebody has connection to a different type of eatery, instead of a burger joint, that'll work too. We need Props: Beach chair
Volleyball & net
Beach toys
2 bikes
a truck
casual football gear
gym bags
-You can contact me directly at if you can help out.
Peace, Mike Park

8:53 AM
And I'm off. Record time today getting ready. I'm talking seconds. Within 25 seconds of my alarm going off I was out the door ready to start my day. I didn't even let my car warm up. I didn't stay at Mom's last night and that's where I am house sitting my sisters dog. Make sense?? No?? That's ok. This friggin dog is a good good dog, but a little fickle at times. He likes to sit by me whilst I work. This is the case right now. He doesn't like hardwood floors, so he only stays downstairs. I guess that is good. BY the way, the dog is a JINDO. A rare dog in some ways. They have only in the last 20 years really come to the states. They are from Korea and have this really distinct face. Handsome to a degree.

Anyways, enough dog talk. Back to work. I'm determined to kick some ass today. Wish me luck. I'd like to practice guitar later and perhaps see a movie. My fingers are crossed.
Mike Park