November 01, 2005

BAY AREA!! We need your help!!!
-A friend of mine is making a short independent film using one of my songs. Dan Potthast is going to star in it and we need extras to be in this, so if you live in the bay area and can help out, we will be shooting on Sat. Nov. 5, and Sun. Nov. 6. These will be all day shoots. Even if you only available part of the day, no problem. We do need a kid to be in a shot, so if you have a brother or sister under the age of 10, then great!! Help us out.
-ther than people, we need a Burger joint. Perferably not a corporate place. And if somebody has connection to a different type of eatery, instead of a burger joint, that'll work too. We need Props: Beach chair
Volleyball & net
Beach toys
2 bikes
a truck
casual football gear
gym bags
-You can contact me directly at if you can help out.
Peace, Mike Park

10:35 AM
As the world turns, so does my mind. As I sit here and realize that next Thursday I leave for England the stress mounts and I procrastinate more than ever. Add the fact that Skylar is on Vacation, my mom is on vacation, and now my sister and brother in law are vacation makes for a disastrous time for me. I am house sitting for my mom and sister, dog sitting(Which is the hardest of all..or most time consuming), trying to keep up on work, and blah blah blah. I've been eating the worst junk food. I believe cheese has been a part of every meal for the last 9 days. I feel milky. Can that be a description to how you feel? Doctor says "HOW DO YOU FEEL?" My response-MILKY.. Would he know what the hell I'm talking about.

Oh boy... I just hate this feeling of being overwhelmed. I usually shell up and become a complete waste of space. Just thinking instead of doing things. If I would just charge forward, things would get done. A R G H H

THe weekend blurred by. I met up with a young man named Paul Weinacht. We had met briefly a little over a year ago at an Alkaline Trio show. He had played Football collegiately at Stanford and in conversation he found out my love of getting to go to free events, so he wrote me an email and took me to a game. STANFORD VS UCLA. We were supposed to be on the sidelines on the field, but ex-players lost their priviledge because I guess the coaches were watching some game film and noticed that the people on the sideline were distracted and not paying attention to the game, so the coach dismissed any future sideline priviledges for ex-players. DAMN!! My loss, but the game was still free.

I couldn't remember what Paul looked like so I did a google search to see his picture when he played in College, but he was 300 lbs back then and now he's at 235. So he looks a lot different. Anyways, the power of the cell phone gave us an easy out to find each other. I waited between gates 9 and 10 watching a guy sell sunflower seeds for a BUCK a bag. Capitalism at its finest. Why not. Be creative and you can make a buck. I bought one. Inside it's $3, so why not save and buy them from him.

As I'm sure most of you aren't sports fans, I'll save you from the details, but I'll just say it was exciting. I met a pro womens basketball player that was friends with Paul. She was half Japanese, very pretty, but huge..... Bigger than me, which was intimidating. I could only wonder if I could beat her if we played one on one??

SHoooooootzzzz... I could go on and on about stuff, but I need to some work. Be well everyone.
Peace always,
Mike Park