October 26, 2005
10:47 AM

I'm getting a late start today, which is fine because Asian Man is closed on Wednesdays, so I don't feel so bad. Skylar is going to Hawaii for a week, which will leave me alone at work for the next 7 days. That's ok... No problem.

Have you ever wondered if you will be capable of doing certain things on your own?? ummm.... let me clarify. I still feel so helpless when it comes to many of lifes encounters. Whether it be something as easy as fixing a leaky faucet or doing your own taxes. These things I cannot do. Here are more things I cannot do or am no good at:
-change my guitar strings
-use an amplifier
-remembering song lyrics
-argue about politics
-cut my fingernails
-change my oil
-anything that has to do with a car
-fix a fence
-fix anything
-fix my bike(just learned how to change a flat, but barely)
-set up a drum kit
-drive a stick shift
-use photoshop
-record music
-use a scanner
-use an atm machine
and much more...

Where am I going with this?? I'm not quite sure? I sometimes feel helpless when it comes to doing things and that's how I feel now. I guess after watering my moms plants and just seeing how much yardwork she has to do as a 70 year old woman, it makes me guilty at how little I do to help and blah blah blah...
Mike Park