October 25, 2005
3:43 PM

Though I try to make this blog as light hearted as possible, it brings me great sadness and joy to reflect on the life of Rosa Parks. Thank you for being strong and believing in equality for all. Your actions will continue to influence future generations. RIP-ROSA PARKS

Back to my silly world.....
Back track to Sunday when I went to the Gym to play basketball, but was deterred by the huge turnout. Instead, I made a B-LINE to the SPINNING CLASS. It's a bicyle aerobics deal. I thought to myself, you just rode nearly 1,500 miles this should be a breeze. So I saddled up and joined a small class of 8 women and me sitting in the back of the class.

Well, this was no easy task. I found myself cheating throughout just to make it through. When I was supposed to be on high gears, I'd stay on the low ones and pretend it was hard. DAMN!! Just like school eh?? I'm the worst, but yeah, my hamstrings are still sore from that.

In more exciting news, I made brown rice last night. I just guessed on how much water to put in and though it was probably too much, it was still edible. I hate instructions. Just go for it is my motto. And that's what I do. When cooking I usually just cook on high heat with Olive oil, salt, and pepper. WALA!! Tasty food.

My mom is on vacation through mid-November. I've been staying at her home(Asian Man Records HQ) for the last week and I'm amazed at how she takes care of this place. I watered the plants and it took me nearly an hour. There's so many plants everywhere. ARGGHH!! I like plants. I just don't like taking care of them. Just like pets. I like animals, I just don't want to worry about them. Is it gonna be the same with babies. Cause I like babies, but will I want to take care of them?? Uh oh!!

Saw a movie called GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK last night. On my way to the ticket window a friend named MANNY came up and said "Hey Mike, what movie are you going to see and then he hooked us up with free tickets. YEAH!! He works there and that makes me silly happy. A good movie, but my mind was wandering a bit.

Woke up early this morning to get my DMV renewal. I needed to take an eye test. My eyes are bad.. I couldn't see the last line with my right eye covered, so I cheated by slipping the card a bit to the right. DAMN!! The truth is coming out. Have fun y'all.
Mike Park