October 24, 2005
12:21 PM

Happy Monday!! Had a great weekend. Triumphant weekend would be a good description. After Thursday's show at in LA. I worked on a video for ASIAN PRODIGY. I didn't do much except sit on a couch for 5 hours lip synching and playing the guitar. Ate some horrible Vietnamese food?? I had noodle soup that was badder than bad. In LA they give you a grade for your restaurant. An "A" means you pass all your health inspections and are ready to go. You rarely see a B and I've never seen a C. Well, the restaurant I went to had a B and I felt like well, they know they need to get the grade up, so go there and help support this little indie restaurant. But geezz.. it sucked.

At around 3:30 PM I headed off to San Pedro to play a show. My directions were as follows:
Take the 110 til it dead ends and go left for awhile. It will dead end at the coast and then take a right. Stop at 1050 and then park. Look over the cliff and you will see the show. And ya know what... That's exactly what it was.

If you looked over the cliff, about 250 feet down, there was a cement slab that covered a sewage drain and that's where the band TOYS THAT KILL have been doing shows. There were about 30 kids there. A generator supplying power and a small PA. A band called MATT AND KIM played first. They were like a two piece. Keyboards and drums. They were on their first tour ever and seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a bit. I bought a shirt and CD from them.

I played a set that included tons of old songs. The vibe was more set for fun, so I thought it would be better if I played more of a fun set instead of songs about famine/genocide. The intitial plan was to stay the night in San Pedro and fly home Saturday morning, but the show was over at 6:00 so I just asked over the microphone if anybody could give me a ride to the airport. A nice young man and his girlfriend hooked me up and I was back home at 10:45 PM. The magic of flying.

Saturday we got ready for a halloween party with Dan Potthast, The Huxtables, the Skyflakes, Shinobu, and Short Round. I love seeing costumes. The best was my friend Adam who was a ROBOT, which doesn't sound so great until you saw him as the robot. He's a funny boy. Asian Man employee SKYLAR was a character from LABYRINTH. Nobody knew except Monica. I was BRUCE LEE again. But from GAME OF DEATH. But nobody knew. They thought I was KILL BILL. Damn the youngsters. Jason Thinh got naked continuously throughout the night. He's really mastered the art of being naked. Good for him..

Sunday was an engagement party for my best friend. It was a yin/yang experience going from Saturday night's party to a Sunday brunch in the comfortable combine of Los Gatos, California. Good food always makes me happy. Kennedy, myself, and another friend named Jason were like the 3 muskateers growing up. None of us are married. Now both Kennedy and Jason will get married in FEB.. of 2006. Damn... Am I next? Is the pressure on me? Hmmmmmm...... Kennedy doesn't keep in touch with many people from high school. Which is a good thing. Just myself and Jason. We were the only ones there from school and also a girl named Gabby that Jason dated. It's been at least 10 years since I saw her. She had two kids and was a real life mommy. It was scary cause I still feel like I'm in high school at times. DOH!!! Well, better get back to work. See ya.
Mike Park