October 21, 2005
9:22 AM

I wish I was still sleeping..... Not sure why I woke up sooooo....early.(8:30) Kevin Seconds left at 6 AM to catch his flight and poor Chris Candy being the valiant soldier that he is brought him to the airport while I slept. DAMN!!!! He's very good and I'm very bad.

Last night, I played a show at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles. They have three rooms there. I played a room called the Alterknit Lounge. It's my favorite place to play in LA. Actually it's the only place I like to play in LA. And actually, I hate LA. It makes me sad seeing the glutonous stimulation here in the city of stars. But I guess that can fun too?

All clubs in the LA area suck, but the KNITTING FACTORY is amazing. What an amazing place to play. They treat you nice and pay you well. Unheard for an LA club. So thank you KNITTING FACTORY. Thank you!!

In the other rooms there were big rock shows happening including an MTV filming of a band called OVER IT?? Never heard of them, but they had screaming girls losing their minds whilst they played. I could hear them through the walls. WAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Nothing in comparison to the screaming girls at my show, but ya know. An old friend came out to see me play last night. His name is Carlos Alazraqui. He is an actor/comedian. He's on the show RENO 911 and did the voice for the TACO BELL dog. I also saw a girl named Stephanie that I hadn't seen in at least 10 years. It's crazy how time flies by, but it's always great to see somebody from the past. It brings back memories. Memories dammnit!!

I'm supposed to be doing some kind of video shoot this morning. I'm not sure what that will entail, but I'm game. I'll spend the next few hours doing that and then hopefully get over to San Pedro before Friday traffic storms through. I'm playing a show with TOYS THAT KILL. Great friggin band. They are doing a DIY show with a generator. The singer told me they just set up on the coast and start playing. They've done a few of these shows and no problems with cops. Should be fun. Can't wait to play.

I'll be back home tomorrow at noon. A quick and painless venture to LA. Well, at least I hope so. Be well. Have a great weekend.
Mike Park