October 30, 2003
10:39 AM

I've been up since 5 AM. Last night was amazing. Went to the basketball game and walked around the arena just looking and killing time before the game. Heard someone say Mike and turned around, but only saw an usher standing motionless, so I keep walking. Then I hear Mike again and turn around and the same usher. Hmmm... I must be hearing something. Again I hear Mike and I turn around and I point to myself as to say..."ME" and I walk up to him. He says "Are you Mike Park"? I say yes.. And he goes on to tell me he used to go to Skankin' Pickle shows when he was in high school. Anyways, I spent a good 30 minutes just talking to him. In conversation I ask if he can hook me up with closer seats and he says yeah!! So next thing you know I'm in the 5th row!! YEAH DOG!! Great to see the NBA stars so up close. I feel bad that I'm missing the ALKALINE TRIO show, so I decide to leave a bit early from the game and head back over to the TRIO show. Just in time to watch them play their last song "97". I walk into their dressing room after they were done and say "GREAT SHOW"! They had no idea I was gone. Crazy. Hopefully they don't read this newsletter, but I know they wouldn't care. After the show, I ran into Arzu ex-Selby Tiger and James and Becky ex-Cadillac Blindside. Me and Becky tore up the dance floor until we had to leave at 11:30 PM. I fell asleep on the bus around midnight and woke up at 5!! What the hell is going on?? YIKES!! I had breakfast with the trio road manager Matt and their driver Frank. And now I'm at Dan Andrianos house using the computer and waiting to take a shower once he gets out. That's about it. I'm off to meet a bunch of people for lunch, so I need to get going. Be good everyone. I also need to get a Haloween costume. OH BOY!!

Peace, mike park